Sunday, April 28, 2019

It’s Easy To Manifest Your Desires!

From my observations of humankind and noting our strong predilection to want to manifest our desires and seeing many who don’t, I ask where does the lack of manifesting their desire come from?

Since I am aware that manifesting our human desires is easy, I see the lack of manifesting in humankind stemming from not knowing that the second you desire a thing, it is in your sphere of influence. It has already manifested and the reason you don’t see it, the reason it doesn’t realize is because, number one, you don’t really believe it, two, you don’t feel it and three, you obsess over it. How do we humans manifest our desires then?

We manifest our desires by desiring and then letting that desire go. Since desire instantly manifests, there is no need to hold on to the desire any longer. Let it go and let it happen. Feel as if it is already in your reality even if your eyes can’t see it. Your obsession with your desire is what kills its delivery. Believe and feel that your desires work and please, please stop saying or thinking that you want the thing. Wanting the thing leaves you wanting, that is, WITHOUT the thing in your reality.

Manifesting your desires is easy when you get out of your own way. You, human, are a desire manifesting machine!!!

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