Thursday, April 11, 2019

Intelligence Is Something You Tune Into

After years of being in a human format, I have found that my intelligence is not something that is in my brain, it is something I tune into. I discovered that my brain is a receiver and sender of Mind but it does not have Mind in it. Mind is a thought-form I tune into with my receiver/sender brain. Why is this important to recognize?

For me, understanding that the human brain TUNES into intelligence like tuning into a radio station with its frequency is important because it validates why Humans experience different intelligences. For example there are many people who tune into academic intelligence but do not tune in well to emotional intelligence. There are many humans who tune into mathematical intelligence but cannot tune in well to spiritual intelligence.

Each brain in each human is designed from birth to be able to tune into certain frequencies. Perhaps for you it’s tuning into musical frequencies where your genius is perfect pitch and composing music like Mozart or, like Einstein, your intelligence is tuning into science, thought, creativity and imagination. The fact that we tune into intelligence becomes even more important when we realize that we are limiting our understanding of intelligence to ONLY intelligence quotients. While IQ is an important measurement of intelligence as we know it, it falls short of capturing what intelligence truly is: the human ability to tune into Cosmic frequencies which are infinite.

Our brains can be sharp receivers and senders of intelligence that exists as frequencies our brains can pick up on or tune into like a sensitive antenna. Being smart does have something to do with IQ but it is a very tiny fraction of what the human brain is capable of. When we learn how to better tune into the Cosmic mind through such practices as meditation, sharpening our intuition and remembering our dreams, we have begun to realize the true nature of intelligence.

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