Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I Instruct My Blue Ray Being

I am working with my Blue Ray Being and instructing it. What does that mean? Why is that significant for you?

What it means to work with and instruct my Blue Ray Being simply means that I engage with my conscious awareness, the Blue Ray aspect of my I AM, as the entity it is and I treat it as the intelligent infinity it is by making it a part of my reality through intent. I am making my awareness palpable in every way as I talk with it and signal to it that I know it is real and true. As I signal to my Blue Ray Consciousness that it is real, it comes on line as a partner that communicates back to me.

For example, as I thank, show appreciation and gratitude to and for my Blue Ray Being awareness, it provides me with more to be thankful, appreciative and grateful for. I am in “the bubble” so to speak of my conscious awareness that surrounds me and is me. It projects 50 feet around my body on all sides and when I move about in this physical world, I know, I sense, I see what’s coming.

This ability that I am practicing is important to all human beings because all humans can communicate with their conscious awareness and avail themselves of a powerful ally to assist them with maintaining longevity, health, happiness, abundance, empathy, peace of mind and so much more.

This awareness is my offering and gift to you on this last day of April, 2019. It is a powerful gift. Use it wisely.

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