Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I Am The Light

I know I am the Light. What am I saying here?

What I am saying is the Light is the energy of my soul/Spirit and that I function as that Light in my every day life. How can I identify this?

I can identify that I am the Light in my every day life as I experience love in every moment and action, come to every experience as happy within, create abundance in every moment, have peace of mind, do random acts of kindness, show compassion to friends AND enemies, live in a state where I am sustained and much more.

Please be aware that this being the Light is not a state of perfection for perfection doesn’t happen when in human format. Being the energy of the Light is functioning as the Light of my soul/Spirit in my human condition. Being the Light also influences my perspective of living in which I see experiences not as good or bad but as occurrences that expand my awareness. Please understand that because I have this perspective I don’t see just ANY experience of being of value to expand my soul’s awareness as I will not harm or destroy because my code of ethics of being in the Light is at a level that knows better as I use Wisdom in choosing my experiences. So, for example, going to another country to kill some people who have a different religion is NOT my idea of a valued enhancement of my sacred awareness. I am a Being of Light and I don’t do that kind of thing. I don’t need that kind of awareness now.

All humans have the Light of their soul/Spirit within them. The major decision of a human life, in my perception, is to choose to acknowledge one’s Light willingly or ignore it, willfully.

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