Monday, April 15, 2019

I Am Here, I Am Not Here

I am here, I am not here. What am I saying?

What I am saying is that I create my being in our Earth reality matrix by concentrating on it and that concentration of my consciousness causes me to be in this Earth dimension because where I really exist is not here in this Earth dimension. Where do I really exist?

I exist in a non-physical dimension which one can call the eighth or quantum dimension of creativity. When I say “I am here, I am not here,” I am saying that I go back and forth between this physical reality and the quantum reality so quickly, my ego hardly notices. I feel like I’m here in the physical body but I’m really here in the quantum reality. Mind bending enough for you? How do I know this?

I know that I am here and I am not here because I’ve had a visceral, physical experience of this many times and had one last night. The experience happened when I woke up from dreaming and felt my conscious awareness slide into my body from the top of my head down to my toes. It felt like I was a cylinder and was being filled up with something. I had never really felt my “Self” come back into my body like that before so it was a unique experience to feel that. After I acknowledged the occurrence, I fell back asleep with the distinct memory of this experience.

I have been aware of my having one foot in this physical, Earth reality and one foot in the quantum reality but I can now assert that I have felt my soul slip effortlessly back into my body from another dimension. This was not scary or weird for me, just a new sensation of being in the dream state, waking up and feeling my awareness come back into my body. I am here, I am not here. Catch me if you can!

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