Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Giving Too Much Concern To Humanity

To those of high spiritual awareness, my admonition is, perhaps the most effective way to stay in loving-detachment is to not give too much concern to humankind. Why do I admonish this?

I  admonish this because, from my experience of being of high spiritual awareness, humankind is, in general, primitive in their awareness and three dimensional lesson plans. I would ask my highly aware spiritual friends to please focus on more aware beings. These more aware beings will register your intent and value your presence. Humankind will either fear you or ignore you.

I speak to you from experience and I mean years of experience with humankind. This is not a judgement of humankind. I am aware of humankind’s low, human nature awareness. There is much low vibratory energy here as well as reptilian brain activity of eat or be eaten.

Find your tribe of high awareness people and stay around them.

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