Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fake People. Who Are They?

I find myself, as an Empath, hearing other Empaths talk about their encounters with “fake” people. What does that mean, “fake” people and how does an Empath deal with them?

From my own experience with so-called “fake” people and having experienced my own fakeness, they are humans just like Empaths are who usually exhibit a “mask” they wear to hide their toxic intentions or they are inauthentic, not allowing themselves to be who they really are or they behave unconsciously saying things they don’t mean or feel or all of the above. Empaths have the ability to feel into this fake essence because we are mostly true to ourselves and can spot a phony very quickly. As Empaths, we find fakeness to be a toxic energy. Why?

Empaths find fake people to exhibit a toxic, draining energy because we Empaths like to keep it real meaning we come as we are with no hidden agenda, no “mask” hiding our real selves and are not unconscious. We are conscious in that we are in touch with our feelings on a deep level which really means we connect with the emotions of our soul with nothing blocking these emotions. Empaths see “fake” people as alien and we feel like a stanger in a strange land around them. What do you do as an Empath when you encounter “fake” people?

I have found that the best way for Empaths to deal with “fake” people is to limit your exposure to them. If and when you are around them, speak your truth in a tactful manner, be yourself and show compassion as these positive behaviors have a way of planting a seed of truth in these “fake” people.

Empaths need not be drained by the toxicity of “fake” people as we can live in loving-detachment realizing that they are learning to hopefully see that being real and authentic is a preferable state of being.

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