Saturday, April 27, 2019

Everyone And Thing Is God

There is nothing that is not God/Spirit/Creative Source. We humans are of and live in God’s country. The idea that God is a man is misguided. THE VERY IDEA THAT RELIGIONS PURVEY OF GOD IS TOTALLY MISGUIDED. God is a force of nature born of the consciousness of existence and is what made everything in existence. You, human, are God walking the streets. Look in the mirror and say hello to God. It is YOU. WHY IS THIS TRUTH VITALLY IMPORTANT?

The truth that everyone and thing is God is important because it means that everything and everyone is ONE, that is, the Force of Creation is in all that is and there is no separation. So, when humans judge people of another religion as less or people of another culture as less or poorer people as less, they are categorically ignoring reality and they are evincing insanity. Yes, those that are now murdering others for a difference in religion, political persuasion, etc., are insane. Why are they insane?

They are insane because they reject the reality, the truth that every human and every thing around them is the SAME as they are, made of the same soul material, are part of existence, a part of Creation just like they are. The problem is that humans on planet Earth are highly judgmental which, by the way, is an extremely barbaric and primitive state of mind, of being. Low awareness human nature born of the lower ego uses judgement as a form of saying, “I am greater than you” because it feels insecure and needs to diminish others in order to puff itself up.

I am on guard of my judgemental nature and when I judge anyone or thing, I remind myself that they and it are God and who I am really judging is myself. I have too much self-worth to put myself down and judge myself. I am God in physical form and God does not create trash.

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