Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ego Mind...What Is It, Truly?

From my experiences with my own ego mind, the ego mind of others and what I have observed of what the many spiritual communities around the world say about the ego mind, the ego mind is very misunderstood by most humans. Why is the ego mind misunderstood and what is it really?

The ego mind is misunderstood by humanity because, in my perception, it is looked upon and thought of as an object. The ego mind is not a thing, not an object. The ego mind is a thought construct composed of the self-talk beliefs that humans identify to and as themselves as a singular self, as an identity all its own created by thought, belief and behavioral pattern. It is a puff of air and does not exist except as a persona/psyche that humans agree makes them “them.” So, what’s all the fuss about?

What the fuss is about is humanity’s penchant for over-identifying with the ego mind and letting it convince humanity that it’s the only reality when it is an extremely tiny fraction of who we are. One of the biggest challenges to humanity regarding its rigid fixation on ego mind as its only real identity is the limitations imposed by beliefs in humanity’s ego mind. Yes, the ego mind imposes limitations on humans.

Let’s take religion for example. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with religion itself as a form of ritualized communion with Spirit, most of humanity has made religion ego identifiable as in each religion believes it is the one true religion and all the others are false. This is the work of the ego mind at its height and it will even condone murder, lies, deception and greed to continue its ego mind identity as the best religion. This is the shadow side of ego mind and humanity simply continues to struggle with its over-identification with this thought construct. How does humanity change this over-identification with the limiting nature of ego mind?

To change the limiting nature of the ego mind, humanity will have to learn that it can “parent” the ego mind. It will have to learn that there is something in them greater than the ego mind and that this something can control the ego mind when it runs amok. Please understand that humanity cannot do without the ego mind. It is that thought construct that allows humans to identify themselves as me and I and is necessary to navigate this third dimensional reality called Earth. 

What I am expounding is realizing that each person has something greater than limiting ego mind in themselves and they can used this inner awareness that is more powerful than ego mind to go beyond ego mind limitations.

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