Monday, April 1, 2019

Does The Soul Feel Pain?

From my connection with soul in that I am a living soul on Earth, I have experienced that soul is the originator of emotion with the mind and body interpreting emotions as feelings. To feel is a sensory aspect of our mind-body complex and those feelings come from the emotion of our souls. The soul does not think like the human mind, nor does it feel like the human mind-body but it can “feel” the pain of emotion such as when a body it is inhabiting dies and it has emotion about how the one’s it loves will fare after its departure. The soul has awareness and awareness encompasses emotion. The human also has this awareness since its complex is partly soul but it is overridden by the mind which thinks. We humans think emotions into feelings. Why is this very important for humans to understand?

It is very important for humans to understand that their soul has emotion and their mind has feelings so that humans can be aware that their mind distorts their soul’s emotions by overthinking them, repressing them, suppressing them, negating them and pre-conceiving them. Why do humans do this?

From my experience, humans distort emotion because it is often overwhelming as the soul sends humans emotions with no thinking filter. The soul sends humans raw emotion and from my experience, they are strong and powerful. For example, when you are deeply connected to the soul of a loved one who dies, they can send you the raw emotion of love. The issue is that the human heart sometimes has difficulty containing these emotions and the human will try, through the mind, to contain them or manage them.

What I found about this is that it takes practice to be able to handle the strong emotion of the soul with emphasis on the practice. It’s not about negating the soul’s emotions but learning how to handle them.

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