Sunday, April 14, 2019

“Divine” Nature Is What Humans Are

From my connection with the “Divine,” in human form, I have discovered that I am “Divine” not by my connection to the “Divine” but by being a human which is inherently “Divine” by its nature. What am I really pointing out here?

What I am pointing out here from my experience is that I don’t experience being “Divine,” that is, being Spirit in human form, I am Spirit. Being Spirit, I simply turn on my divinity that is within me by acknowledging, accepting, allowing, understanding, knowing and being who and what I am as Spirit, in my body, mind and emotions and that turned on Spirit connects and turns on the Spirit held in all things in existence. The Spirit/Divinity in me, awakens and enlivens the Spirit/Divinity in you and everything I come in contact with. What happens when I connect with the Spirit/Divinity that is in everything around me?

When I connect with the Spirit/Divinity around me, everything is provided to me. Why is everything provided to me? Everything is provided to me because that is the nature of existence, that is, Creation is unlimited, abundant, generous and infinite. When I touch Creation that I am with Creation that is, I am bringing to bear, I am manifesting what Creation already is: unlimited manifesting power and reality.

I am Creation, I am in Creation, I am of Creation. This is what is meant by “Divine.” “Divine” is being the state of Creation on a conscious level. It is what a human is.

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