Friday, April 19, 2019

Being “Saved” Is Misguided

I hear Christians saying you aren’t “saved” so you’re going to Hell. From my spiritual vantage point of being God in human form, not ALL of God Mind you but a piece of God, just like every Christian is a piece of God, I affirm that being “saved” and going to Hell if you’re not “saved” is a most misguided notion. Why is that?

To assert to others who are not Christian that they are not “saved” and going to Hell is the most biased, most prejudiced and judgemental pronouncement a human can make against another human. Why? To make the above pronouncement is satanic because every human is a piece of God’s Creation and is already born “saved.” Nobody goes to hell because there is no hell. God is a very high vibrating consciousness that will not create “saved” and hell. These wicked ideas are man’s ideas born out of the ego.

Because I am a piece of God, I see that the Christian idea of being “saved” and going to Hell are gross attempts at control, competition, comparison, judgement and approval. What I say to all Christians who level this nonsense at non-Christians is, “Get thee behind me Satan!”

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