You Are God In Physical Form But Not The Way You Think

Most humans on Earth have an understanding of “God” as a lofty human-like old, wizened man with a white robe and a very long white beard living in a place called heaven which they believe is above their heads in the sky. From my experience of being a piece of “God” as Created by “God,” this notion of a “God” that is a man is false and misguided. While there is “God,” it is NOT in the way that it has been painted. What is the truth of “God.”

From my experience of being a piece of “God” as Created by “God,” “God” is a Creative Source, an Infinite Intelligence, The All There Is and is apprehended as a living energy in the form of a conscious awareness. “God” is not A man but has Created man as a form which “God” inhabits. Human beings are a part of “God” and can “know” “God” through our conscious awareness since “God” is IN us. “God” is not “out there” but is “in here” within every human as the intelligent consciousness of every aspect of our human complex.

We humans are “God” in physical form. How do I know? I know because I experience “God” inside myself as a living presence. I am “God” in physical form, not as an ideation of some spiritual being I pray to for goodies but as an actual living presence of “God” in form.

This is counter, I know, to many of the Earth’s religions but the truth must be revealed. This does not mean that religions should go away. It just means that they should see the truth and see “God” in a new light. Humanity is ready.


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