Sunday, March 31, 2019

What It’s Like To Be Pure Awareness

From experience with being pure awareness, humans can experience pure awareness when they simply close their eyes and let no feelings or thoughts distract them. What is pure awareness?

I have found pure awareness to be a state of being aware that I exist, that I am with no feeling or thought in my mind. Pure Awareness is a natural state of no mind, no feeling, no concern, no worry, just being. It is best achieved, I have found, by closing one’s eyes and practicing clearing one’s mind of thoughts.  Having no mind or feeling does not mean you are insane or no longer “you.” It is the inner sense that you are a sentient being, aware that you exist, aware that you are aware with a sense of being. I have found it to be a very pleasant state that is relaxing because I am devoid of all thought and feeling. It’s refreshing. It helps me to realize that when I die, I will retain this sense of I am even though my persona/psyche/ego is relinquished. This is comforting in the face of the false claim by many humans that when you die, the lights go out. When you die, the lights actually come on.

Thoughts and feelings are a part of our human and spiritual complex and are not meant to be excised out of our being. What I am talking about here is managing, controlling our thoughts and feelings so that we can experience an essential aspect of our Beingness which is a state of pure awareness.

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