The Soul Is Not Insecure, The Ego Is

From having insecurities like most human beings, I have found that insecuities stem from the ego, not the soul. Why is this an important distinction?

It is an important distinction to understand that the soul is not insecure, does not have insecurities, is not vulnerable in its identity, does not have identity crises and does not seek to prove itself, other than expanding its awareness of what is, through human experiences that it takes on purposely. The aspect of the human persona that experiences insecurities is the ego as the ego seeks identity. When we perceive that our identity is under threat or attack and we are made to feel unsure or believe we are unsure of or about a personality trait, we exhibit insecurities which are a form of confusion about an aspect of our persona.

For example, when in a relationship where the other person treats you kindly, with love and compassion, you may feel, (because you have an identity of yourself that is undeserving due to a self-image that is poor such as thinking you are ugly), confused as to why the other person is so loving of you and you then project your insecurity on them by telling them they are ugly making them feel less so you feel better. The soul is not involved here in creating this insecurity. However, it IS an opportunity for the soul to learn how to deal with the machinations of the ego that it may expand its awareness through this experience of egoic insecurity in order to mature and assist the ego in seeing that identity is fleeting and that feeling ugly is illusory. The soul will also parent the ego in helping it to see that ugliness is in the eye of the beholder and in not real. Ugliness is a judgement call relative to the judgemental nature of the ego. To the soul, there is no ugly.

Believing you are ugly is the domain of the ego and when you connect to your soul, you see that there is only beauty.


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