Friday, March 22, 2019

The Importance Of Being Free From Pre-Concieved Notions

I have found from my relationship with humans that they enjoy walking around with pre-conceived notions in their minds whether these notions serve them or are limiting them in some way. These are what I fondly call “belief systems” and I have found that they generally confine humans to a prison of their own mental making where they are not free, they are prisoners. Why is this important?

I see this being controlled and bound by limiting belief systems or pre-conceived notions as important because limiting beliefs that don’t serve our best life keep humans in a lower awareness where they are not free to be who they truly are: great beings who have the power to live their true purpose of enjoying life and not suffering. For example, most people have the pre-conceived notion that you have to kill yourself with hard work to be successful. I have found that it is wiser to work smart using one’s energy with discernment and wisdom. Killing oneself with stress to get ahead doesn’t help anyone. Working smart by using implicit intent is much more effective in being successful in my experience. See what I’m getting at?

When humans approach experiences with pre-conceived notions, they are not enjoying or having the full experience. They are having a controlled experience that is rote because they are using old mindsets in new experiences. I have found that being mindfully present in the now during an experience brings a richer and deeper experience because you are not bringing limited beliefs to your new experience. You free yourself from limiting beliefs that you may enjoy the experience in a new way. Limiting beliefs prevent you from true freedom of expression. That’s why it’s important to see your pre-conceived notions for what they are: thought agreements that may no longer serve you.

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