Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Contempt, Hate And Aversion You Feel For Another Is Inside Your Body Killing YOU

The contempt, hate and aversion you feel for another is inside your body killing YOU!!! You may think that your negative feelings toward another are justified and warranted but guess who really is being punished when you allow toxic feelings to invade your psyche: YOU AND YOU ALONE. You may think you are punishing another but who you’re punishing is yourself. Why is that?

The reason feeling contempt for another kills you is because toxic emotions stay inside you causing physical harm to your body. The mind and body are ONE and what goes on in each effects the other. If you think you’re being so smart hating another person, think again. Your hate is a toxic poison that is slowly damaging your internal organs by causing your body to secret toxic hormones the wreak havoc on your internal systems. One of the central organs to suffer is your heart that gets constricted through your hateful feelings. Think high blood pressure.

This does not mean that you should avoid negative feelings. For greater mental, physical and emotional health one must face one’s negative feelings and do the actions that these emotions require of you. I am not condoning harming oneself or another. What I am advocating is facing your contempt and hate for another and finding a constructive way to release these feelings. Perhaps you confront the one you hate and tell them what you feel about them in a way that is constructive for both of you. Did I say this is easy? It is not easy to confront another who you feel negative about. Use discernment in how you address another and find a positive way to make your feelings known and then move on if you feel that’s what’s needed for your overall health and happiness.

Keeping toxic emotions inside only hurts YOU not the other. You must find a way of release without harm. There are many ways to release emotions so that they don’t fester inside you but release them you must. One of the things I did to always be in a place of inner peace was to change my perspective about others by living in loving-detachment. When someone treats me badly, I express myself to them, letting them know they can’t do that to me and forgive them and move on. I do not harbor ill will.

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