Souls Are NOT Perfect

From my experience with my soul and the souls of others, souls are not perfect. What does that mean, souls are not perfect?

What it means to me that souls are not perfect is that they do not incarnate to be perfect as they incarnate to expand their awareness through the actionable experiences of being in body. Souls come to a planet like Earth to learn in a physical arena a particular life affirming lesson that it needs to learn to expand its awareness. We see this operating when we encounter humans who are “old souls” who are souls with many incarnations who have greatly expanded their awareness through many trying life themes.  I call the reality of expanding one’s soul’s awareness in a particular lifetime one’s “soul path.” From my experience, this is an important consideration for the human to be aware of? Why is that?

To be aware of one’s “soul path” is to be aware of one’s reason for being in human form. It is connected to our purpose for being in human form which is to fulfill our destiny. From having fulfilled my destiny, I know that achieving my destiny was prompted by my soul which I had the awareness to listen to. The fulfilling of my destiny has brought great awareness to my soul and has added much peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction to my humanity.

I encourage everyone to become aware of their “soul path.” While it is fraught with mind bending experiences that will cause you to deeply question everything, it is, in the end, the most important thing you will accomplish in a human lifetime.


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