Saturday, March 23, 2019

Soul Can Encompass Many Forms

I discovered that my soul is not human soul and can encompass anything from a planet to a galaxy. My soul can inhabit a human form and just like it inhabits that form, it can inhabit other forms. Please make no mistake as I choose to inhabit forms that are energetic matches for my consciousness. While I can inhabit a snail, an ant, a bird, a tree or a mussel, I choose not to be limited by such small containers. What does it mean that my soul is not human?

What my soul not being human means that I am beyond the consciousness of the samsara and I am not bound up in the perpetual wheel of life of planet Earth. I am a visitor here, on assignment to assist Gaia and all the beings on Gaia to shift to a higher consciousness. My next assignment will be one where I ensoul a solar system or other larger body. You see, the human body is a microcosm of the larger Cosmic body and bodies like the Milky Way are still bodies, just of a different kind. My consciousness is large enough to encompass larger bodies and this is not possible for most of the human beings that inhabit the Earth. Why is that?

The reason most humans can only inhabit a human form is because they choose to limit the scope of their consciousness. Soul can inhabit much more and it depends on how expanded the soul’s awareness is. I have Cosmic awareness which is a very expanded awareness. This is possible for all souls if they choose to allow such expansion. There is an ability that souls have to ensoul a body no matter how small or large. This is the ability to expand your soul’s consciousness to fill whatever container you choose. For example, you could be a teacher who ensouls a large auditorium with your consciousness thereby creating a great atmosphere of learning, etc. see where I’m going with this?

I have been practicing ensouling for a long time and I now have the ability to ensoul anything. You have this ability as well.

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