Saturday, March 30, 2019

Pure Awareness, The True “Identity”

I have found, that as humans, we are bent on finding and having an identity and we believe that this “identity” is bound up with the persona/psyche/ego. On the level of rhe physical matrix, there is truth to our “identity” being an expression of our ego and this, from my perception, is not the true aspect of our “identity.” What is our true “identity.”

From my experience, our true “identity” is our expanding awareness where there is no “identity” as the ego expresses it but only a feeling of being aware. I see pure awareness as the sense that I exist. On the level of ego, how ego expresses is as a sense of me, I and creates a persona that is recognizable to us and others as a familiar person, a character that is necessary as a singular portrayal in the physical matrix as a means of identifying, “oh, that’s you and that’s me” so we can navigate maya. On the level of pure awareness, I am not a character. I am an I Am, a Beingness that just is and I don’t need to quantify or qualify it. My identity is I expand my awareness and my Beingness encompasses more. More of what?

My expanding awareness encompasses more of the true nature of existence which is unlimited and infinite. In pure awareness, I am not bound by the expression of my ego as a limited persona who is this or that. In pure awareness, I am everything. When I say everything, I mean every dimension, realm, consciousness, thought, feeling, understanding my awareness can fathom.

At the level of pure awareness, I am no longer a person, I am a Being. My “identity” is anything I want it to be. It’s always no “identity.” I just am. I see pure awareness as more of an identifying aspect of existence. How aware one is, how expanded an awareness one has, to me, identifies one.

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