Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Meaning Of Life Vs Purpose Of Life

From my soul searching from the day I was born, I have found it instrumental to my happiness and peace of mind to work on discovering and living the meaning of my life AND my life’s purpose. Are they different?

I found that the meaning and purpose of my life were completely different aspects of it. How so? I found that the meaning of my life was something I created, as in, I saw that I was gifted with certain talents, a certain way of thinking, a certain body and these aspects of myself helped me to see the meaning I could bring to my life in adding more dimension to my experience and the experience of others. For example, in my life, I found meaning in expressing Love, Wisdom and Healing in everything I did. I created this meaning by behaving with Love, Wisdom and Healing in all my dealings with myself and others as much as I possibly could. I expressed these attitudes through work, play, etc.

My purpose was different. My purpose was a soul aspect of my being that I fulfilled and that was a theme that was already planned by my soul for this lifetime. It was a means of fulfilling my destiny. For example, in this lifetime, I fulfilled my destiny by becoming aware of my Ascended Mastership and functioning as such. It was about functioning from my soul and not my ego as far as how I perceived being human and treating other humans. There’s much more to this and this is just a simplified version of it.

I write this because there seems to be much confusion about the meaning of one’s life versus the purpose of one’s life. Again, for clarity’s sake: Meaning is an aspect of our life we CREATE and purpose is an aspect of ourselves we FULFILL.

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