Humans Can Be So Smart They’re Stupid

What I have discovered about being human is that we humans can be so very smart that we end up being stupid. Why do I see this?

I see that humans are often so smart they are stupid in their misguided skill at over-thinking. From my perspective, humans are very good at thinking, that is, problem solving using their rational, logical, conscious minds. However, where they get stupid is in their obsessive-compulsive behavior of over-analyzing a problem and not solving the problem at all but making it worse. There are thousands of examples of this playing out all over the world and the biggest over-thinking that humans do is with judging one another. What is meant by this?

What is meant by this is that we can see evidence of human over-thinking in how they judge one another because judging is an egoic means of analyzing that another is less than you and you obsess about their weaknesses so much that you turn out to be stupid, that is, you have laid upon the other expectations of what you determine they should be instead of realizing they are exactly who they are as they are. In addition, you cry when your expectations are not met, yet you continue to try to mold the other in your image, in your obsessive-compulsive rationale of what you believe they should, could, would be. This is human stupidity. Why?

This is human stupidity because each human is responsible for themselves. It is not your role to judge them or expect them to be like you or how you think they should be. Unless they ask for your guidance, who they are is none of your business. Stop judging them, stop trying to fix them. If they need help, pick them up. If they succeed, sing their praises. Stop over-analyzing their foibles. They are meant to be the way they are so they can learn to be better. Your job is to be in loving-detachment with them, that is, there for them when they need you, not judging them when they fall or stay the same with no change in their behavior.


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