Monday, March 25, 2019

Dealing With Emotional Hurdles

I have found that emotions are action requiring programs in that emotions ask us, as humans, to take an action that will help us deal with and release feelings so that we can heal and move on. In my experience in confronting deep feelings, feelings often times present a hurdle for us to surmount in how strong they are and how hard it seems to even contend with these feelings. What do we do?

I have learned the great importance of feeling and facing my emotions because I have found that if I don’t face them, contend with them and release them, they stay with me in a do loop in my subconscious causing me to feel like something is unresolved. There have been times when certain very deep feelings seem insurmountable and cause me to have difficulty enjoying being present in my relationships with significant others. I faced these emotions and I discovered that although they were there and seemingly insurmountable, it is important to feel the emotion and continue with relating to your significant other as best you can in the moment anyway despite your inner feelings making you uncomfortable. I also found that, in addition to facing these feelings within myself, it was also important to verbalize them to trusted and mature friends or family members that I may get valuable feedback to help me see other perceptions of these deep feelings I was having.

The main thing I disciscovered is that I could not allow these deep emotions from stopping me from having continued life experiences that I enjoyed. As I continued in these relationships and kept getting these emotions and feeling them rather than ignore or stop them, I was able to slowly, slowly release them and let them go. I still feel them but not as strongly as before and this has enabled me to live happily with my significant other in the present moment as much as I can.

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