Being A Free Spirit

From my experience as a truly free spirit, I have discovered that humanity’s concept of what a free spirit really is off the mark. Why do I say that?

I see that humanity’s concept of what a free spirit is being misguided because most people believe a free spirit is someone who roams the Earth free of the constraints of society like a hippie or other nonconformist. Being a free spirit is not that. What IS being a free spirit then?

From my vantage point of being a free spirit, someone who is a free spirit is one who is connected to their soul and is free from the domination of their ego. They still have an ego, of course and they are in control of it so that they can hear the voice of their soul and spirit AND FOLLOW THE VOICE OF THEIR SOUL AND SPIRIT. What is the difference between the voice of one’s ego and the voice of one’s spirit?

The voice of the ego speaks about wanting to control, to compete, to compare, to have a hidden agenda, to judge and to be greater and better than. The ego’s attitude is necessary for life as a human, no doubt and to parent it, to manage it maturely so that it does not stifle the spirit is the key to being a free spirit. When I say not stifling spirit, I mean not stifling spirit’s voice so you can hear It. The biggest concern that Spirit has is that your soul complete its expanding of its awareness through a specific lesson you have chosen in this lifetime to learn. When you achieve this soul lesson, you expand your soul’s awareness and achieve your destiny. You become free to move on to either leave Earth as a human or continue working on other things and stay in body if that is your mission.

To me, a human who has a free spirit is free from the domination of the ego, not from ego itself, so that the human is conscious enough to hear the intent of spirit and moves through life accordingly. When you allow yourself to be moved by spirit, to listen to your spirit within yourself, you have freed yourself up to be with spirit.


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