Monday, March 11, 2019

Are You There?

What does it mean that you are “there” and the person you are with is not “there.” Where is “there”?

From my perception, “there” refers, in our common vernacular, to having and being in a state of a particular level of awareness. Being “there” or not being “there” simply means, to me, people being at different levels of awareness from each other that causes different world views, belief systems, thoughts, reactions and ultimately, life experiences. When you and I are not in the same awareness level together, we speak different languages. We perceive from a different place. Is there a problem with that?

In my view, it is not so much a problem as it is matter of seeing that everyone is different and it is OK to be at a certain level of awareness that one is comfortable with and that one is seeking to expand. In my experience, it is more difficult to relate to one who wishes to stay in a stagnant level of awareness with no desire for expanding one’s awareness level. In addition, I am happier being with others who have somewhat similar awareness levels that I may speak the same language as they do in having commonality with them. They are my tribe.

I am not here to convince anyone that their awareness level is wrong or that they must be more like me. The “there” they are at is their “there.” Their awareness level is where they are at right now on their soul path and my only wish for them is that they continue to expand their awareness to fulfill their soul’s destiny. I continue to expand my soul’s awareness and I let them into my circle through my compassion and they may not be able to get my “there” and that’s fine. I surround myself with enough people who are “there.”

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