Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Are You A Master Of Great Awareness?

There are Masters of great awareness currently living on planet Earth. Are you one of them? Is it OK that another tell you you are a Master or does it insult your sense of awareness? Are you a Master who has the humility to shy away from seeing yourself as a Master with great awareness? What is this all about?

In my experience with true Masters of great awareness, they do not take themselves seriously and they are not captivated by self-importance and personal history. They are powerful human beings who value growing their soul’s awareness because they are in tune with their soul path of growing their soul’s awareness through their human experiences. They are soulful. They parent their ego and share their wisdom with no expectations. These Masters enjoy being self-aware and they use this self-awareness to have a more enriched life experience. These Masters have nothing to prove yet they will prove to you by their existence the truth of existence and that is the true nature of existence being a spiritual journey through the arc of infinity with the Cosmos being a playground in the body of God.

Being a Master is about the mastery of self-realization. Mastering self-realization is knowing what to do with the wisdom you have gained from mastering the game of life and that is a willingness to share your wisdom.

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