Friday, March 8, 2019

Always Speak Your Truth,Tactfully

Truth. A catchy, familiar word that means something different, depending on who you’re talking with. I don’t debate THE truth. What I emphasize in my life is speaking MY truth according to my experience, awareness and perception that I feel is valid for me and determines my world view. This does NOT mean that MY truth cannot shift as my awareness expands from my experiences and my perception becomes more clear. It does shift. In respecting that MY truth can shift, I always speak my truth AND I am careful to speak it tactfully. Why is that?

I have learned to speak my truth tactfully because I found that I am not here to argue MY truth with you and saying the right thing at the right time brings considerable clarity to what I share as MY truth. I find that being appropriate and sensitive while also not being rude or careless goes a long way to position my truth as exactly what it is: MY truth, not yours. I do not believe in negating YOUR truth as it is based on YOUR experience, not mine. YOUR experience is as valid as mine and I am here to learn from you, not put you down for your world view. If you negate MY truth because you don’t believe in what I believe are tactless.

I find this approach of tactfulness allows both parties to honor the reality that the speaking of one’s truth is a subjective reality born of one’s level of awareness. We are all at different levels of awareness and we perceive differently because of that.

Being tactful means I respect myself and respect YOUR truth even if I feel contrary to your perception of a thing. I give you your do. When you disrespect me by being tactless and attack me for MY truth, I am no longer there, in your sphere. I remove myself and that is also part of being tactful.

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