Monday, February 4, 2019

Your Awareness IS Your Life Experience

I have found my awareness to be my life experience in that how expanded my awareness is defines the human experience I had and am having. How do I know this?

I know this because of how I now see the very same things I saw when I had a less expanded awareness. My whole life has been a ride of raising my consciousness to higher and higher levels and what I experienced in my more narrow consciousness as a human can be felt and understood as I continue to experience life and grow to see the same experiences from the wider angle of more expanded awareness and the experiences that have engendered my growth. I realize that I am my awareness in that my deeper or more expanded perceptions of reality have helped me to see that I am my awareness, I am my perception. This human I am, this avatar, this persona/psyche/ego and the experiences I am having are solely defined by my awareness and the resulting perceptions. My awareness is ME. See what I mean? Why is this important?

I believe this is important because we humans have the ability to expand our awareness and create our experience. We don’t have to live as one occurrence after another. We can shape occurrences with and through the level of our awareness. We are not victims of circumstance. We are Creators of circumstance and when you expand your awareness, you can see this reality.

You may say you are your personality but you are so much more. When you don't consciously push the envelop of your expanding awareness; you allow yourself to stagnate in a holding pattern where you may repeat the same experiences over and over again staying on the same treadmill of life. You believe you can never change who you are. This is not true. You can expand your awareness and change who you are because, you are your perception.

Perception is reality.

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