When You Feel Spirit Is Gone

If and when you feel that Spirit, God, the Sacred, the divine has gone out of your life, it is NOT Spirit that has gone. It is YOU that has forsaken Spirit. Why is that?

The reason that Spirit cannot forsake you under any circumstances is because, from my experience, you ARE Spirit, God, the Sacred, the divine in physical form and it is the ups and downs of your persona/psyche/ego that FEELS a disconnection, a separation from Spirit. This is called “separation consciousness” based on the rational, mental side of your persona that often overthinks your identification with your illusory, physical self. The physical self and the spiritual self are one. How does one minimize “separation consciousness”?

I have found the following practices helpful in maintaining a healthy connection with Spirit:

1. Don’t “pray.” Talk to Spirit as it lives within you. You ARE Spirit.

2. Touch Spirit through meditation.

3. Connect with nature where Spirit abounds.

4. Feel, sense, connect with Spirit in others.

5. Talk to Spirit in everything and anything and listen intently. Have you hugged a tree lately or spoken to a coyote?

6. Allow Spirit to talk to you through life in every day occurrences.

7. The Spirit world is real. Let it be real for and to you.

Spirit does not forsake. How can it when it is an indelible part of you. Spirit dwells within and without and you cannot miss Spirit when you open your eyes. “Separation consciousness” is simply the closing of one’s spiritual consciousness. Don’t do that.


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