Monday, February 25, 2019

What Are The Two Things To Remember, Human Being?

What are the two most important life perspectives for human beings to remember to feel more safe and grounded in their human story? From my experience it is that we all are having a SHARED human experience where no one is alone and that each human does have the capability to CHANGE. What does this signify?

The significance of these perspectives is that they are game changers for a humanity that seems to believe that they suffer alone and that change is hard or impossible. The truth is that no one suffers alone and that change is not the exception but the rule. These perspectives are big answers to life’s enigmatic reality where we can feel safer and more grounded knowing our neighbor, friend and family member has gone through and is going through the same struggles as ourselves in one way or another. It also allows us to perceive change not as a painful experience but one in which we can transmute, transcend and transform ourselves into that which is our better self. It is staying the same that is the disease, not the change and I am talking about healthy change, a change in a positive direction, a change for growth.

I have found that when you bring these perspectives into your human life experience, you experience a profound comfort, a feeling of belonging and the ability to grow as a human being, for what is human life without human growth?

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