Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What Are The Disembodied Beings I See?

I was with my younger friend who wanted advice about his life and while I was with him in his conference room, sitting across from him, I could see a disembodied figure next to him, standing to my right. It simply stood there throughout the entire two hours of our meeting. I wondered who it was and I addressed it with love but received no answer. My intuition told me it was a part of him and not me.This morning my insight revealed to me that it was my friend’s guardian Angel and I asked why it was there with him/us.

It was revealed to me that his guardian Angel appeared with him in this meeting to convey to him the meaning of my energetic intent, not my words. His persona/psyche/ego was resisting, due to his beliefs, the information that I bring in my Light Body and his guardian Angel was conveying that information to him now and will, continuously, until he gets it. This information I bring in my Light Body is the consciousness of my vibratory level and my friend, it seems, is at an awakening point where his guardian Angel believes he is ready to receive this information.

What’s interesting is that my friend called me and so I think he is unconsciously wanting to get information from me on an energetic level that he is not yet aware of, consciously.

After two hours, I found myself wanting to leave, feeling tired. I guess that was enough time for his guardian Angel to glean all the information it needed to convey to him. We shall pay attention to my friend’s continuing enlightenment.

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