Truth Is How You Feel And Perceive Not What You Think

Thinking is done with the conscious, rational mind and that is the domain of the persona/psyche/ego and is what I like to call the small self. I call it the small self because it perceives an extremely small portion of the reality of existence, that is, mostly the physical aspects. The mind perceives a small bit of truth of our existence, not very much. In my experience, what perceives closer to the truth of our existence are our feelings and perception. How do I know this?

I say this because my feelings come from my soul and my perception comes from my awareness. In these domains, I do not think and so I am not apprehending reality with my small self. I am apprehending reality with my higher Self which knows a greater portion of reality than my mind. My mind is meant to perceive the rational not the irrational, not the nonlinear. The higher Self is nonlinear and does not think like a human. Human thinking perceives a three dimensional reality that is illusory. It may seem real but it is not true.

What is true is the reality of Spirit. You do not apprehend Spirit by thinking of it. You apprehend Spirit by Being it. That being of Spirit is feeling, it is the level of your aware being.


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