The Ego Believes Self-Love Is Selfish

From my experience with and in the egotistical popular culture of our world, when self-Love is portrayed in images, whether in commercials, movies or still photography, it is shown as people staring at their image in a mirror, kissing their mirror image of themselves and eating a fine meal alone. It makes it seem that self-Love is selfish, for one’s self alone, self-aggrandizing. It is partly because of this misguided ego based belief of popular culture regarding the nature of self-Love  that people are confused about what self-Love really is. So, what is it really?

From loving myself in an unselfish way, I have come to understand what self-Love really is. Self-Love is one’s ability to be in the Force of Love with oneself. In this force of love, it is the opposite of for me, myself alone. It is about loving myself that I may accept myself just the way I am, that I may have greater self-worth and self-esteem that I may love you just the way you are. In this self-Love, I do not seek to aggrandize everything for myself alone. I seek to give of myself that I may share what I am WITH you with no expectations. I connect with you, not in a needy way of needing your love but in a way of connecting with you in caring for US.

While I do enjoy the companionship of another and need that human connection for greater health and happiness, I do not need another’s overbearing expectations that I am there to fulfill some need they have about filling an emptiness in them that they may believe that this is true love. True love is loving yourself and giving that love freely to another. It is not puppy love. That love is for your puppy. True self-Love is not selfish, it is selfless.


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