The Biggest Spiritual Hurdle

What is the biggest spiritual hurdle for human beings? From my experience, there is no spiritual hurdle since separation from Spirit is illusory. There is only the hurdle of humans getting over themselves and once they do that, the spiritual will be more accessible. What is this hurdle and how do we get over the top to the other side?

The Spiritual hurdle for human beings is their over-identification and total mesmerization with their persona/psyche/ego as the ONLY aspect of their multidimensional complex. Most human beings have very little awareness of their true nature which is not their persona/psyche/ego. Their true nature, from my experience with my true nature, is soul/Spirit. Since most human beings believe that all they are is their persona/psyche/ego, they negate that spiritual aspect of themselves and live in existential angst always feeling empty, looking for more in life. They will never find that more until they get over the hurdle that their ego is the only reality. How can human beings get over this biggest of spiritual hurdles?

From my experience with transcending my persona/psyche/ego to being my soul self and that means being very aware that I am much more than just my ego, the way to this spiritual reality is to start by asking yourself, “Who am I?,” “Why am I Here?,” and “What is my mission, my purpose?” Let these questions take you on the journey of greater awareness of who and what you really are, for you are not just a physical organism, you are consciousness tightly wound in a bundle of awareness that is so much more than ego.

There really is no spiritual hurdle just a spiritual awareness and most humans are allowing a very diminished awareness of their soul self because they have been lead to believe this is all there is. It is not. The persona/psyche/ego is only ONE aspect of your human complex.


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