Spirit Is Not A Hierarchy

Being Spirit, I can tell you that there is no spiritual hierarchy in Spirit. What does that really mean?

It means that Spirit, God, the Divine, the Sacred is a CO-CREATOR with all that is here including human beings and no one is higher, or better spiritually speaking.

That humans proffer that their religion is better or the one true one is simply human ego at work. What is the truth about the spiritual hierarchy?

The truth about the spiritual hierarchy is that beings are on different levels of awareness and there is no better or worse, higher or lower, etc.To say you are spiritually more advanced is pure ego, is darkness. Humans want to compare their spirituality through the lens of their egoistic understanding that seeks to measure which is greater, better. This is illusory as Spirit does not work that way. How does Spirit work?

You are Spirit and you are given the free will to grow the awareness of Spirit in you at your own pace. The level of your spiritual awareness is up to you and it is not a race, not a comparison, not a competition although most of the Earth’s human population sees it that way as in each religion of this planet asserts that it is the way. The Earth’s religions practice hierarchy, Spirit does not but does have levels of Ascended mastership which is the expanded awareness Spirit gains from all its experiences from soul path to spiritual journey.


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