Friday, February 8, 2019

Many In Spiritual Circles Speak Of “Within.” Where is it?

In spiritual circles, much is made of going “within.” Where is “within” and how does it differ from “out there”?

From my perception from experiencing “within” and “out there” it is important to remember that these are words that represent going somewhere. When you go “within” or “out there” you are not going to a place; you are creating a state of conscious awareness. I have found the state of going “within” a state of being with your own thoughts, feelings and soul as you close your eyes, sit still and look within your own Beingness, your own awareness that resides with you. You don’t have to close your eyes to go “within” as you are always “within”. “Within” really signifies a concentration on keeping so-called outside stimuli at bay while you silence your inner monologue in order to commune with the soul/Spirit that is you.

 “Within” is just a word for being in silence with your inner awareness, your inner self. “Out there” is a word that signifies that which is the other you. You are still within as you perceive that which is outside your inner workings but it is all the same. There really is only within because your perception is within. What you see within and out there is your inner perception.

Within really signifies going to a deeper reality that you create with concentration and intent to touch and commune with the deeper recesses of your soul/Spirit.   You don’t go anywhere for you are always here.

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