I live Multidimensionally

I experience life multidimensionally. What does the mean? It means that I am in a physical experience while at the same time in non-physical experiences.

Let me give you one example. I am a fifth chakra person meaning my fifth chakra which resides at  my throat is my dominant chakra or dimension that I have strong powers in. This dimension is the dimension of expression and I, as a human being, use this dimension’s energy as my human, physical speaking communication. I am a truth teller. My words have great power. This came to expression in my life as I became an actor and public speaker and gave free reign to my expressive abilities. I have many other dimensional energies, as all human beings do, to live my life fulfillingly. What are these energies we humans have?

Every human is built with twelve energy centers or chakras that are actually dimensions or consciousnesses that are accessed through one’s awareness. We have seven physical chakras and five non-physical chakras. These chakras are the root (maintenance of our basic physical domain), sacral (sexual and creative expression), solar (will power), heart (ability to love), throat (communication), third eye (psychic energies) and crown (our ability to connect with Spirit) in our physical bodies and the time transcendence, connection to Spirit, seat of the soul, mind over matter, Universal Unity in our non-physical bodies. We humans can actually feel and know these energies and live them just as I have lived the expressive energies of my fifth chakra and my other chakras. When I say live them, I mean experiencing their qualities and aspects as real right now, to be used for our highest potential.

I am not afraid to access and live in any of my chakras as they are a part of who and what I am. This is not mystical or metaphysical. It is about being the energies that were built into your human complex. Every human is a multidimensional being meant to live and explore their different levels of awareness. It’s like having a house with many rooms that you visit often and make sure are in working order and comfortable to live in.


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