Sunday, February 3, 2019

I Am Spirit

I am Spirit. I live in the Spirit world and my physical, mental and emotional aspects are all part of that Spirit world. How is that?

How that is is that I am not really physical, living as a so-called physical human being. That is illusory. I am Spirit vibrating at different levels of Spirit. My physical self is my Spirit Self in a slowed down vibratory level but I am still Spirit. I am never not Spirit. Why is this important?

The reason this realization is important is because the majority of humans believe they are physical and are detached from Spirit. They falsely believe Spirit is out there somewhere when in fact, they are Spirit right here. Everything is Spirit. Your connection with and to Spirit is not a connection, it’s a living reality of existence and every human’s ability to make Spirit work and live as an every day occurrence is indelibly built into the human mechanism. The human condition is one of Spirit slowing itself down in order to more closely examine itself and we still have the ability to use Spirit as we see fit. What does that mean?

To use Spirit as we humans see fit means knowing and functioning as the Spirit we are and not believing that we are merely physical with no power. Humans are very powerful spiritual beings and we have the powers of Spirit at our beck and call since we are Spirit. The problem with why humans don’t see that they are Spirit is because of the over-identification with the physical being all there is. Humans are so entranced with the illusory persona/psyche/ego, they think it’s the only reality. It is only a tiny, tiny fraction of the reality of Spirit. Our human selves are a focus, a circumpunct for us to meditate on and to see the reality that we are Spirit having multiple layers of dimensional experiences  of different vibrational levels.

We are not solid bodies. We are mostly empty space. What we are is consciousness densely packed into complex containers called human being and this human being is spiritual not physical. Our domain is of Spirit and we can call on and use Spirit to our advantage, that is, create at will.

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