Sunday, February 10, 2019

Human Beings Make Their Reality A Reflection Of Them

From my experience with being human and for many years experiencing my reality as a reflection of my low awareness human nature, I have seen how I and other humans create a reality that is modeled on our persona/psyche/ego when it is just the opposite. What do I mean by this?

What I mean by this is that humans create their reality in their own image. Good examples are the creation of God as a man, the human practice of naming and dressing animals like people, believing that we “own” land, naming cars and calling them “she,”etc. From my perspective of getting out of this false reality and being able to perceive real reality, reality is not about everything being modeled in human terms. For example, in real reality, God is NOT a man, is Not Jesus, is NOT a he or she. God is a Creative Force that is in a higher vibrational level of reality having an experience of being human that it created to do so that it may expand its awareness of itself. Religious iconography is just a means for man to experience the sacred as it is reminded to do so by a  Catholic Cross, a Jewish Star of David, a Native American Dream Catcher, a Man that represents God in the form called “Jesus,” a menorah, a pentagram and on and on. These symbols are not reality. They are symbols man has created to stimulate the feelings of our spiritual intent that we may remember to celebrate our ability to know and commune with God, Spirit, soul. If there is no soul in our religious inconography then it is a waste of time.

The same can be said of a human. We are a complex of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects come together at the same time in a complex called human being. The reality of what we really are goes far beyond the simplistic names we use for what we are. We are not just human, we are more and that being more is what a real reality feels like and looks like.

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