Saturday, February 23, 2019

How Do We Know That The Soul Drives The Human Bus

Many humans on planet Earth do not believe in the soul of man. They believe in science, evolution. I don’t believe in the soul of man either. I KNOW experientially the soul of man because I am soul in physical form. How do I know I am soul in physical form?

I am aware, I know that I am soul in physical form because I am soulful in my thinking, feelings and physical actions. What does that mean? It means that I perceive your soul as that which I connect with when I meet you. I see your physicality but I feel into your soul. It is your soul I’m relating with not your body. I also connect with my soul to allow me to fulfill my destiny rather than being a victim of fate by following my ego alone. I listen to the promptings of my soul. I also behave with life and others in loving-detachment. This is a state of soulful being where I release others to be who the are, not what I want or expect them to be.

I live from my soul as the leading edge of my existence and it has allowed me to become intimately acquainted with my soul and truly realize that it is my soul that is running my human show. My soul is driving this bus, not my persona/psyche/ego.

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