Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Authenticity-Accepting Yourself Just As You Are While Leaving Room For Growth

From my experience with being my small and large selves, that is, my lower persona/psyche/ego self and my more expanded, higher spiritual Self, I have discovered that I am authentic just as I am by being my unique selves while ALSO being mindful that I have and leave room for growth in these selves. What does this mean?

What this means is that even though I am an “unfinished” being with much growth potential, I am still exactly where I need to be in this present moment exactly as I am and this state of being exactly who and what and where I am, worts and all, is an authentic state of being. I am always authentic just as I am and I remember that I can still grow my ego and my soul. See what I’m getting at?

Just because I have weaknesses, foibles, failings, make mistakes does NOT mean that I am bad, that I am damaged goods. On the contrary, my flaws make me the authentic person that I am and the secret to healthy living, I believe, is forging ahead to new inner growth despite feeling inadequate or unfinished as a human being. We humans are ALWAYS unfinished. I find that being imperfect IS the point of being human. Accepting our weaknesses and shoring up our strengths is the exciting prospect of our human experience where we are always aware we can grow ourselves into better versions of ourselves.

Liking yourself for being exactly who and what you are is THE great secret to mental and spiritual health. Seek professional counseling when and if you cannot surmount mental, emotional, physical and spiritual hurdles, barriers, aberrations and difficulties. No one has to always go it alone. Getting help is not a shameful thing.

The idea is to be yourself but to stay alert to areas and aspects of your being that need further work and to be open to doing that work. No one is perfect.

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