There Is No “He” Or “She” In Spirit

From my relationship with Spirit, God, The All There Is, I have found that there is no gender there although it can create gender. God is not a he or she. God is an energy, a consciousness, a force. Humans make God in their own image and have given God a patriarchal identity saying God is a he. Humans have also made their Lord Jesus in their image as a white man. Jesus was not white. He was a Jew from the Middle East. He may have had brown skin. What’s the point of this?

The point is that Spirit, God cannot be known as what we are in human form but we make God like us in order to believe or know God. We have made up a story about God as a he so we are comfortable with God, so we can feel like we understand God. For example, if a German Shepard dog had the consciousness to know God and put a picture of what that God looked like to the German Shepard, it would probably look like a German Shepard. Get my point?

While God Created humans, God does not, in its essence look like or think like a human. God is an energy, a force that has intelligence, can create, has intent but it is not a male or female as posed in the Bible. God is an it. That being said, God can appear in an infinite number of ways from a solar system to the wind and from a human to a whale. God can manifest as anything it wants.

When I look at God, I do not see a human. When I look at a human, I see God.


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