The One Key To Spiritual Success

I live the one key to spiritual success. Okay, first, what is spiritual success? From my experience, spiritual success is embodying Spirit every day. What that means is you know that a part of your human complex is composed of Spirit, the unseen, the divine, the sacred and you treat every part of your life like it is imbued with Spirit. You walk the Earth as the living representative of Spirit. However, there is one caveat that makes your being Spiritual successful.

The caveat that makes your being spiritual successful, I have found, is staying grounded. What I mean by staying grounded is being Spirit in the every day thoughts, feelings and activities you do. You are Spirit in every waking moment but you do not act like a divine being. You act like a normal human being with the exception that you radiate an inner divinity, an inner sacredness that shows through your kindness, happiness, peace, compassion and tolerance for yourself and others. You do not treat others as if you are greater, better, more special, chosen or above them in any way.

You stay grounded in the reality that you are a human who has an aware connection with Spirit. I should know as I am one of these humans. I don’t live as a monk. I live in a grounded state where the sacredness of Spirit is in the every day, ordinary things that I live.

I experience Spirit as within me, not outside me in a separate container and I align with the Spirit in everything. That grounded state of being Spirit and connecting with Spirit that I am is success because it allows me the major manifestations I am meant to do including being the manifestation of Spirit right here, right now.


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