Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Leading Edge Is A High Vibration

I am sure that, like me, you see the many webinars, on-line courses, books, emails, workshops and retreats that say they will help you find your purpose, motivate you, calm you, enlighten you, etc. They tell you that this will bring you to the “leading edge” of your human potential, help you find transformation and/or bring you closer to the Sacred Self. All well and good. I say, save your money. Why do I say this?

My truth derives from deep experience and that truth is reaching one’s potential and being on the so-called leading edge of human potential is found by raising one’s vibrational level. Yes, I know there is much talk about “vibrational level” but what is it really?

From both science and spirituality, it has been postulated, proven and agreed that everything in both the physical and non-physical Universe is moving, vibrating at different frequencies. Physical creation vibrates slower than non-physical reality and that’s why many cannot see non-physical reality. Humans are composed of both physical and non-physical reality with both of these aspects vibrating at different frequencies at the same time. For example, your soul vibrates at a much higher frequency than your body but it’s still a part of you even though you can’t see it. In order to reach the “leading edge” of one’s human potential, I have found it wise to mindfully INCREASE one’s vibrational level in both the physical and spiritual complex. How does one raise one’s vibrational level in one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual complex?

Here is a short list that I use to help you begin:

1. Meditate to help control your thoughts and move them in a positive direction. Don’t dwell on the negative.

2. Eat healthy, live foods. No junk food.

3. As much as possible, trade in love, kindness, compassion, appreciation and gratitude. Let go of fear, hate, envy, sadness and intolerance.

4. Love yourself in every moment.

5. Be your truth without harming.

Start with the above practices and you will be on a path that will raise your vibrational level putting you on the “leading edge” of your potential. Why? You find yourself at the “leading edge” of your potential because as you raise your vibration, you align and become a vibrational match for higher realities of happiness, Love and abundance. You will have more peace of mind, more self-assurance, more self-worth. You will find yourself in the leading edge of society. Trust it. I do.

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