The Christed Universe

Earth and all upon it including all the humans on it are part of what is known as the “Christed Universe.” What does “Christed Universe” signify?

From my experience with having been in many “Christed Universes” it is a Universe that has the spiritual maturity of having reached a level of God-consciousness where everything that has the awareness to do so recognizes that it is God in form. For example, Jesus of Nazareth had the word “Christ” put after his name because it was believed that he was highly God-conscious. He spoke of this by saying that “the Father and I are one.” In a “Christed Universe” all have the opportunity to remember and be their Christed, divine, sacred selves. Why aren’t all the humans on Earth aware of their “Christed” status?

From what I’ve learned over my lifetime, the reason many humans on Earth are not aware of their”Christed” status is because religion has brainwashed it out of them and these humans have unwittingly allowed it. Christian Religion teaches that you have to “go through” Jesus Christ to be “saved.” It does not teach that you are ALREADY “Christed” from birth. Christianity fools you into believing you are born as nothing until you “receive” Christ. From my experience, this is gross misguidance. We are already in a “Christed Universe” so there is nothing to receive, no need to be “saved.” We are already saved. So, what is the problem?

The problem is that most humans are unaware that they are already “Christed” and filled with God-consciousness because they have been sold a false bill of goods by the Christian religion that seeks to say that you can only get the “Christ consciousness” from another, I.e. Jesus and it is not in you from birth. The opposite is actually the truth.

Every human is born endowed with the “Christed” nature of our Universe. It is up to each human to grow the “Christ consciousness” within themselves.


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