Suffering Is A State Of Ignorance That We Are Infinite

When I discovered that my awareness is of a Cosmic nature, that is, that I am of Cosmic consciousness, I realized that everything about me is infinite and unlimited. Why is this a critical realization?

From my experience, I found this realization to be of a critical nature since it caused me to release any suffering whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual because whatever my ego perceives as a lack or not enough to go around is just an illusory notion of the persona/psyche/ego that trains itself to see limitation, to see things in a lack perspective which causes suffering. What kind of suffering?

When you live as a limited being, you don’t believe that everything is and will be OK. In limitation you develop stress, depression, disease and death. With a Cosmic, Infinite, unlimited perspective you know there is an unlimited supply, people, money, jobs, bodies, etc. You may not have a thing today but you will tomorrow for Creation progresses and evolvement is Law. Why is this infinite perspective difficult to have?

This infinite perspective is difficult to have because we have trained ourselves and allowed others with more who are greedy to brainwash us in believing there is only a limited supply of resources, etc., when in reality there is an infinite supply. Humans are NOT limited, we only think we are and because we think we are limited, we act on the fantasies of our limited beliefs. We create thoughts to make our lack thinking justifiable to us by saying and believing nonsense like, “Money is the root of all evil,” or “There’s only so many slices to the pie.” Money is just energy exchange and the pie is as big as you want to make it and there is enough for everyone.

If you are living the lie of lack or limited awareness, I am here to emphasize that you are unlimited and there is no lack. Get out of limited and lack beliefs by connecting with the infinite nature of your soul, your Spirit, God.

Your infinite nature resides within you!


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