Spiritual Is The True State Of Who And What You Are, Human

From my experience of remembering, accepting, allowing and being the spiritual being that I already am, I am here to say that every being, including human being, is already “spiritual” from inception. What is being “spiritual”?

I perceive being “spiritual” as my essential nature. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. What this means is that I am of Spirit, I am of a nonphysical nature that is my true and real Self. My physical self is an “expression” of my spiritual self in a slowed down vibrational frequency that presents as a dense complex we humans interpret as “physical.” We humans are not “physical” at all no matter what people who refuse Spirit say for there are those who want to believe that there is no such thing as soul. I know these people and in my perception, they have yet to remember who they truly are. They can say they are not soul, not Spirit and let this be real for themselves all they want and because of who and what I am as a spiritual master, I must say they have more to learn, to perceive, to be aware of.

I have found, in the Cosmic travels of my spiritual journey through infinity, that Spirit is the state of existence and Spirit is at the basis of all things. I have always been Spirit able to intend a physical experience whether human or otherwise.


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