Practicing Seeing Your Light

In my experience of realizing my spirituality, that is, that I am a spiritual being in my essential nature was a journey to really believing this was so, so I could actually BE it. I found connecting with my Spirit no easy task as our society so values the surface aspects of existence as seen in the worship of the persona/psyche/ego and it demands you live on that level mostly. My inner Being was too strong to remain so shallow as to believe there is no soul, no Spirit. What did I do?

It’s not so much what I did as much as it was being led to find practices to open my eyes to who I really am: a Light being. I would like to share a creative visualization that I use when I do my meditation walks that help me BE the Light:

Visualize, as you walk, a very bright, white light emanating from the crown of your head going all the way up to the Milky Way and covering the entire Milky Way, connecting to it. As you do this, simultaneously visualize a very bright, white light emanating from your perineum (the area between your anus and your genitals) and going down into the Earth and attaching to the large crystals at the center of the Earth. Then see that same white light cover the entire Earth. When you have done both emanations, visualize the same white light coming from the Milky Way and the center of the earth up back through your crown and perineum, through your spine, connecting at your third chakra between your navel and your heart. Finally, visualize where the two emanations meet as a powerful, very bright, white light, as in a ball of light that you can send out in all directions and maintain the FEELING that you can project this light as far in any direction as you choose. Make this visualization as detailed for yourself as possible.

This is a great practice for becoming who you really are: Father Sky and Mother Earth having a physical experience in order to know themselves in Union. You will begin to feel and then be your spiritual Self.


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