No Death, No Religious Club, No Ticket Punched...I’m Already In Heaven

In my travels on Earth, which are soul travels where my soul expands its awareness, I have realized that I don’t have to die a physical death, I don’t have to join a religious club and do God their way and I don’t need a ticket punched for good behavior to get into Heaven. Why is that?

The reason this is real, true and valid for me is because my awareness is expanded enough to see, to realize that I am already in heaven. Where is Heaven? Heaven, from my experiences, is in the consciousness of my peaceful, beautiful, loving, compassionate heart. We want to experience Heaven as a “place” just like the physical place on Earth and in body that we experience and so we mistakenly assume that this heaven must be the SAME kind of place. It is not. How so?

Our physical reality IS a place but a place that is based on our perceptions, awareness and consciousness. We believe our bodies and Earth’s body is solid. They are not solid. They are Light, that is, they are atoms with mostly empty space. What we live as humans is a FEELING. The same holds true about heaven. Heaven is a feeling based on your souls’s awareness. Your heaven, the place you perceive as heaven, will look like the consciousness of your soul.

How can you tell how your Heaven will be? You can tell how your Heaven will be by looking at how your Earth life is. Heaven is not “over there.” Heaven is “in here” right where you are now and you are IN heaven now. If you don’t perceive that you are living heaven on Earth right now, you have more work to do on your soul’s awareness.

This is not a negative thing. It is about awakening to what the true reality of existence is.

I just gave you a hint above.


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