My Presence Is A Healing Presence

I am a Blue Ray Being. My vibration and therefore my presence, is a healing one. What does that mean?

From my experience, all beings are made of Light and beings vibrate a frequency of Light depending on the level of their consciousness. I can see this Light in my self and others. My Light is blue. It means my consciousness is Spirit, made up of Love, Wisdom and Healing. My effect on other beings is one in which they feel a coolness as in washed over by cool water. This is a healing frequency and when I am present, you can feel the healing. I make things better. I make you feel better just by being near me. How do I know this?

I know that I am a healing presence because I attract people who pour out their concerns, problems, dilemmas, etc. to me. They can be family, friends, neighbors or strangers. They always end up telling me I’m “cool.” They should only know. They are feeling something but they are not always conscious of what it is.

I do not try to be a healing presence. I just am. We all have a presence. What is yours about?


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